EE has 4 service areas that act as a framework for pushing social change; we've honed this approach over a combined 15 years of working in the digital advocacy space.

Creating the Container to ACT

Our strategy services are built for social and cultural change; they create the framework for building the digital movements that compel action(s).

Branding + Rebranding

Our branding process prioritizes the needs of non-profits and advocacy organizations. We integrate key stakeholder inputs + data + analysis to best understand who the brand is targeting, and what appeals to them. From there, we co-create, integrate feedback, re-create, and then consolidate into a Brand Book.

8 Step Audit

The 8-step Audit allows us to analyze data on digital audience insights, and prioritizes integrating a consistent visual identity and tone.

Pyramid of Engagement

The Pyramid of Engagement provides a strategic framework for building an emotional connection between our clients, and their audience, with a goal to push change. After the 8-step audit, it's the second key strategic framework we use to meet our client's digital goals.

Strategic Plans

Integrating inputs from the 8-step audit and the Pyramid of Engagement, EE's Strategic Plans create a tactical framework for achieving the campaign's goals across all relevant platforms.

Creating the Art + Tools that Push People to ACTion

Utilizing the brand book and activating the Strategic Plan, we then begin to work on the art and the tools that will emotionally compel people to action.

Social Media

We prioritize original artwork and integrating our client's unique tone, into the social media services we deliver.
Original content production includes, in addition to the standard post (caption + image) format:
  • Graphics
  • Short, edited videos
  • Infographics
  • GIFs

Original artwork created on behalf of the EE clients

Email Programs

The EE team manages and expands email programs. This includes:

  • List Segmentation
  • Production
  • Testing
  • Utilizing insights + analytics

Email Programs under EE management reach 10M people

Websites + Petitions

We consult on and design websites + webpages optimized for taking action.


We concept, direct, produce, shoot and edit short videos designed to compel audiences to take action. Videos that EE has produced and directed have been viewed over 60,000,000 times.


Based on their needs, our Art Team acts as a design house for our clients, to meet their needs in full. This includes but is not limited to posters, decks, invitations, etc.

Building an Audience Ready to ACT

We utilize a set of proven tactics for growing our client's online audiences, which guarantees the power needed to push for change at key moments.

Audience Curation

We curate a high-value online community for our clients based on their needs, issue area, and goals. This audience might be comprised of bloggers, peers, journalists, activists and thought leaders.

Paid Spends

EE has experience managing both substantial and small paid spends; these allow us to test which target audiences best respond to certain messages, push people to action, and ensure that we're meeting our client's goals.

Community Management

We communicate with our client's audience(s) every day via responding to comments, responding to direct messages, etc. This increases engagement on content and builds trust with the audience.

Growth Hacking

Utilizing a set of tactics that we've honed on behalf of our clients, we grow our client's audience size and increase engagement on its posts.

Audience Growth HIGHLIGHTS include:

  • Growing 5050’s Facebook audience by 10,000 followers over 2 weeks in November 2018
  • Adding 25,000 followers to VPC’s audience (to cross 100K) over a month in December 2018
  • Building an audience of 60,000 ideologically aligned Facebook follows for Committee to Investigate Russia over 4 months in mid-2017

Disseminating the Art that Pushes People to ACT

EE has three categories of partner relationships that we develop on behalf of our clients. In each service stream, we apply both a set of tactics, and leverage a network we've built over years in the social justice space. These services are designed to ensure our art and messages are being distributed according to the goals set in the strategy phase.

Digital Media Partners

Ex: ATTN, mic + Upworthy
EE develops pitches for digital media platform partners, to ensure our client's campaign messages and calls to action are reaching the masses. Inside these relationships, EE co-produces content, develops distribution strategies, optimizes paid spend budgets, and provides analytics.


EE creates long-term relationships with influencers; we believe that pushing people for social media support without integrating their artistic vision is erroneous. For this reason, we work with influencers to understand what they're excited about, and to build a strong bond between them and our clients.

Peer organizations

We work alongside partners to disseminate our client's campaign messages and content via their social media channels, to ensure widespread distribution.