Jobs @ EE

We strive to create a team that looks like those we're communicating with, and on behalf of.

We're constantly examining, iterating and innovating. We seek to work alongside people as curious and open as we are.

The team is based in Brooklyn, NY.

Managing Director

The Managing Director is a new role @ EE; the primarily responsibility of the new MD will be to ensure the smooth running of EE’s daily operations and overseeing all client accounts while also planning for the future and identifying key areas for improvement.

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Senior Account Manager

Senior Account Managers @ EE are responsible for setting and meeting goals for client’s accounts, including developing digital strategy, overseeing the management + maintenance of client’s social media accounts, overseeing the production of video content for client, overseeing paid campaigns, overseeing the production of graphic assets, running paid campaigns and managing partnerships.

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Interns @ EE work directly with our team on behalf of our clients, on the frontlines of creating social and cultural change thru digital media.

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